60 Second Strategies in Binary Options Trading

60 Second Strategies In Binary Options Trading.

As with all types of investing, binary option broker don’t invest in what you don’t understand. Remember that generally the riskier and faster paced an investment is, the more you need to understand the investment before getting involved.

Traders search for different ways to earn in the Forex binary options market. One of the easiest, most popular and profitable short-termed strategy is 60 second strategy.

What is it?

60 seconds binary option strategy is a kind of trading which takes just 1 minute. It means that when an option is bought, just 60 seconds passes before the result comes.

Though such a fast system seems to be extra-profitable, without strategy for 60-second binary options the income may be unstable. That is why it is strongly advised to try new ways of trading on a demo-account and only then switch to real money.

The most important thing about the 1-minute binary options system is to follow signals. After a simple technical analysis a trader can buy or sell with the set interval of time.

For whom is it?

60 sec. binary trading strategy is suitable both for beginners and best binary option broker experienced users. Beginners can gain fast results and raise money with minimum of knowledge. Professionals tend to increase their income on the spot of the moment, because they know already much and can make profit out of their experience.


The crucial point is to make a simple technical analysis using indicators with middle averages. Binary options trading software allows to choose the necessary graphics. Such approach can increase income on 10% minimum. This means that if a trader just makes a guess, his chances to win is 50%, then with a required analysis the chances grow to 60%.


Easy process of work – It is possible to earn money in any session; an hour graphic is quite enough to analyze the main trend and follow the signals. A big range of instruments and platforms – Practically every broker provides with 60 second binary options software, besides many brokers are interested to give bonuses like the absence of commission and unique actives. A big amount of deals – Working with 30-minutes of expiration only 5-10 bargains are possible to make; 1-minute expiration allows to make 40-50 profitable deals during 1 hour.

Besides, everyone has an opportunity to choose a broker if he is not satisfied with the current one. He should just consult Binary Options Brokers Rating for it.


There is no best 60 seconds binary options strategy. To make profit a participant should predict a bought option’s change minimum on 1 point in 60 seconds in comparison with the initial price. For example, if an option Call EUR/USD is bought for binary option 1,0849, and in a minute its price becomes 1,0851, it means that the price has changed on 2 points. As a result, the trader gets 75-85% of profit. The same situation is with the option Put.

To get the most precise 60 seconds trading signals levels of support and resistance can be used. The rule is the price always returns to the levels. In fact, this rule is actual not only for a short time trading, but for a long-time as well.

The levels of support and resistance are the frames within the limits of which the price is moving. There are separate levels for every timeframe. The smaller timeframe is, the more likely the price goes beyond it. That is actually the most widespread strategy for 60-second binary options.

Binary options software is programmed to be most convenient for every trader. So, it is possible to set the parameters which are most preferable: the levels of support and resistance are usually quite enough at the beginning, but with time and experience a user can set the EMA graphic with periods 24, 12 and 5. It is quite possible to activate levels on all timeframes from H1 up to M5. The main point ­— it should suit the trader’s needs and desires.

The trading is active when the price is in the passage between the lines. If the price goes beyond, it is better to wait until a new passage appears. In case of a turn an option is better to be bought on the third candle.

The Martingale method is widely used in the 60 sec. binary options strategy, but not much beloved because of its risk. It is better to try several indicators on a demo-account and choose what suits the best according to preferences and needs.


There are many different terminals that can be used for binary options trading. Nevertheless, before opting one, it is strongly advised to consult Forex Platforms Rating, as it would be easier to see all the advantages of a choice, and have the prosperous trading in the end.


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