How to Extend Phone Battery Life

Phone batteries are essential for keeping us connected and productive throughout the day. However, they can also run out of juice quickly if we don’t take care of them properly. Here are some tips on how to extend phone battery life and make your charge last longer.

  1. Turn on power saving mode. This feature automatically reduces the functions that consume battery power, such as networking, syncing, location services, and screen refresh rate. You can also customize the power saving mode to turn off the always-on display, limit CPU speed, or decrease brightness. To turn on power saving mode, go to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery12.
  2. Adjust screen brightness. The screen is one of the biggest battery hogs on your phone. You probably don’t need it to be at the brightest setting all the time. You can manually lower the brightness from the quick settings menu or the display settings. You can also disable auto brightness, which can sometimes raise the brightness higher than necessary1.
  3. Close background apps. Some apps can continue to run in the background even when you’re not using them. This can drain your battery and slow down your phone. To close background apps, go to Settings > Apps > Running services and tap on the app you want to stop. Alternatively, you can use the recent apps button and swipe away the apps you don’t need3.
  4. Limit connectivity and location. Features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, and NFC can use up a lot of battery power when they’re constantly on or searching for signals. You can turn them off when you’re not using them from the quick settings menu or the settings app. You can also limit the apps that use location services by going to Settings > Location > App permission and choosing which apps can access your location2.
  5. Use a gentle charging method. The way you charge your phone can affect its battery lifespan. Avoid using fast chargers or wireless chargers that can generate heat and damage your battery over time. Instead, use a standard charger or a computer USB port that delivers a lower voltage. You can also use an external battery pack that has a lower voltage output4.

By following these tips, you can extend your phone battery life and enjoy your device for longer. Remember to also take care of your battery by keeping it cool, avoiding overcharging or deep discharging, and replacing it when it wears out.


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